Our special issue just published

Dear delegates,

We are very proud to announced that our congress’ special issue in Prisma Social Journal is just published. We would like to thank all the authors for publish with us their essays.

You can find all the papers in this link:



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Symposium Presentations

Thursday 5 November 2015

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Congress Opening1

María del Carmen Pérez de Armiñán (Faculty dean), Raúl Eguizábal (CAVP1 Department director), Patricia Núñez, (Conference director and TWG ECREA chair), Guido Zurstiege & Sarah Kohler (TWG ECREA vice-chairs).

Congress opening


Esther del MoralEsther del Moral (Professor at University of Oviedo, Spain).

Children caught in the magical world of Augmented Reality, advergaming and social networks



Rozendaal Reijmendal 1Esther Rozendaal (Assistant Professor at Radboud University, The Netherlands) & Eva van Reijmendal(Professor at University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

Is this advertising? Toward a more transparent media environment for children


araceli castelloAraceli Castelló Martínez, Cristina del Pino Romero, Victoria Tur Viñés (University of Alicante & University Carlos III, Spain)

Brand content strategies with celebrities targeting the teen market



ana solano tamara bueno 2Ana Solano, Tamara Bueno, Noelia García (Complutense University of Madrid, Spain)

YOYOMIOMIO. New media multimedia formats and gender literacy in early childhood



Lluís Mas ManchónLluís Mas Manchón, Àngel Rodríguez Bravo, Norminanda Montoya Vilar, Fernando Morales Morante,Elaine Lopes, Andre Wilson Salgado (University Pompeu Fabra & University Autónoma of Barcelona, Spain)

The influence of social values in the perception of body image in food advertising


laila falconPatricia Núñez Gómez, María José Diaz-Aguado, Laia Falcón (Complutense University of Madrid, Spain)

Gender literacy through ads and kids in Primary school



martin fernandez8Ramón Martín-Guart, José Fernández-Cavia (University Pompeu Fabra, Spain)

Children in front of the television. A comparative analysis according to age and gender in Spain



Gonçalves Tauber2 Albertino Gonçalves, Esmeralda Tauber (University of Minho, Portugal)

Media awareness publicity: effects in children way of thinking



Zurstiege FreiksGuido Zurstiege, Markus Feiks (University of Tuebingen, Germany)

Consuming kids. How advertising practioners talk about kids, consumption and the ethics of persuasion



canale alvarezMaría José Canale, Antón Álvarez-Ruiz (Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos, Argentina & Complutense University of Madrid, Spain)

Advertising and TV contents for children in Argentina: from the young spectator to the multi-screen user


pauwLiselot Hudders, Pieter De Pauw, Verolien Cauberghe, Katarina Panic, Brahim Zarouali, Ralf de Wolf(Ghent University & University of Antwerp, Belgium)

Children’s processing of new advertising formats: how to improve children’s dispositional and situational advertising literacy?


Brahim Zarouali

Brahim Zarouali, Michel Walrave, Karolien Poels, Koen Ponnet, Liselot Hudders, Verolien Cauberghe,Pieter De Pauw (University of Antwerp & Ghent University, Belgium)

Considering advertising literacy from a methodological point of view: past practices and future recommendations 


VerdoodtValerie Verdoodt, Eva Lievens, Peggy Valcke, Dirk Voorhoof (KU Leuven Centre for IT & IP Law, Belgium)

Regulating advertising aimed at children in the digital era: too little, too late or too much, too soon?



daemsKristien Daems , Patrick De Pelsmacker (University of Antwerp, Belgium)

The appropriateness of new adverting formats aimed at minors: investigatin the advertisers’ and Parents’ point of view



Friday 6 November 2015

(Click on the photo to see the video)

lacasaPilar Lacasa (Professor at University of Alcalá, Spain)

Children and advertising: Methodological challenges



turVictoria Tur Viñes, Carmen Fuente Cobo (University of Alicante & Centro Universitario Villanueva, Spain)

What to protect children from? Converging Patters of Regulation in Audiovisual Programmes and Commercial Communication in Europe


cabezueloLuis Núñez Ladevéze, Teresa Torrecillas Lacave, Francisco Cabezuelo-Lorenzo (University San Pablo CEU & University of Valladolid, Spain)

European framework for digital literacy and Auctoritas problem



garcia Antonio García Jiménez, Beatriz Catalina García, Maricruz López de Ayala (University Rey Juan Carlos, Spain)

Adolescents and YouTube: creation, participation and consumption



llovet2 Mónica Díaz-Bustamante, Carmen Llovet, Beatriz Patiño (Complutense University of Madrid & Centro Universitario Villanueva, Spain)

The Sexualization of Children through advertising, fashion brands and media: legal and ethical regulation in Spain


jimenezEstefanía Jiménez, Maialen Garmendia, Miguel Ángel Casado, Paula Pineda (University of Basque Country, Spain)

Evolution of Spanish minor’s internet using habits (2010 to 2015): mobile technologies, new and old risks and challenges for the social environment 



cabezuelo2Francisco CabezueloLuis Núñez-Ladevèze, Teresa Torrecillas-Lacave (University of Valladolid & University CEU San Pablo, Spain)

Home Auctoritas, digital skills and family learning environment: keys for the theoretical study of adversiting teen context in Spain


pauw2Pieter De Pauw, Liselot Hudders, Veroline Cauberghe, Charlotte De Kuysscher (Ghent University, Belgium)

Disclosing Brand placement to Young children: the role of advertising literacy and attitude toward the format



borchersNils S. Borchers (University of Mannheim, Germany)

Do children have to understand a message’s persuasive intent to be advertising literate?



nuñez2Patricia Núñez-Gómez, María Josefa Establés-Heras, Katiusca Manzur-Herrá, Beatriz Lamela (Complutense University of Madrid & University of Alcalá, Spain)

Materials for advertising literacy



rebeca saezRebeca Sáez (Social Media Manager at Omnicom Media Group – Spain.

The children and adolescents as target in the media and advertising agency



marina paula 3Marina Ramos-Serrano, Paula Herrero Diz (University of Seville & University of Loyola-Andalucía-Spain)

YouTubers and brands: the case of Evan Snyder



fuente2Julián de la Fuente, Rut Martínez-Borda, María Josefa Establés, Alberto Camiña (University of Alcalá, Spain)

Learning to advertise contents: social media, adolescents and personal branding”



cristobal fdezCristóbal Fernández Muñoz, Francisco García García (Complutense University of Madrid, Spain)

The use of mobile phones as tools for access and exchange of knowledge by students in Spain when studying: access to leisure, persuasive and regulated schooling contents; key factors to take into consideration to plan targeted advertising campaigns


ana jorgeAna Jorge (University Nova Lisbon, Portugal)

WTF: Vloggers as digital ambassadors for the young generation



closing2TWG Advertising Research Team, Patricia Núñez, Guido Zurstiege & Sarah Kohler

Congress closing


New information about invoices & conference registration

Dear delegates,

Just less than 24 hours left to meeting you in our symposium. We are very happy to welcome all of you at Complutense University of Madrid.
We have some important information to remind you:
– We are doing all the invoices. Please, send us your address / University address and ID/ passport number or University VAT number in order to have ready your invoice. This information is mandatory for all the delegates. If you have sent this information in the past two weeks, it is not necessary to do it again.
– The conference registration will be open from 9.00 to 9.30 a.m. both Thursday and Friday. If you will arrive at a different time, please let us know by sending an email.
If you have any queries, please let us know.
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Conference committee

Symposium presentations guideliness

Dear delegates,

As you know, our symposium will start in two days. We are really happy to meeting you in Madrid.
Just a new reminder about the congress presentations:
– All the delegates are required to have any pendrive or hard drive with their presentations. We accept PPT formats, PDF or Prezi. The conference rooms will have Internet access and audiovisual equipment.
– The presentations must have a during between 10 and 15 minutes. After the presentations there will be some minutes for questions and discussion.
If you have any further queries, please let us know.
Best wishes,
Conference committee

Conference registration & more information

Dear delegates,

We are happy to announce that almost all the delegates are registered to our conference. If you haven’t done your registration, please do it as soon as possible. We have extended the registration up to 29 October. Please, remember the registration must be done before the conference (we are not allowed to receive payments during the conferences days).
Also, there are some important news that you need to consider:
– In order to participate in the conference all the delegates must pay the conference fees and send the registration form.
– If you can’t assist to the congress but you would like to participate in the book collection, it is mandatory to pay the conferences fees and send the registration form.
– If you haven’t received any confirmation of your registration, please let us know as soon as possible.
– The full paper submission will extend up to 22 November 2015. You can send your papers to teensandads@gmail.com.
– The official language of ‘Children, adolescents and advertising’ symposium is English, not Spanish.
– The conference presentations should have between 10 and 15 minutes long.
If you have any queries, please let us know.
Conference committee


In the following link you can find the conference registration form: registration form CHILDREN, ADOLESCENTS AND ADVERTISING SYMPOSIUM TWG ADVERTISING RESEARCH ECREA-1

The conference fees are the following:

  • 90 euro (researchers, professors, lectures….)
  • 45 euro (MA. and PhD. students – proof of college tuition fees is required).

The fees cover refreshments, lunch and a copy of the book (no abstracts, full papers).

Fees must be paid before 21 October 2015. A copy of the bank transfer and the registration form must be sent to teensandads@gmail.com.

In order to assist to the symposium and / or to publish the papers in our special book collection, all the paper’s authors are required to pay the conference fees and fill the registration form.

If you have any queries, please send us an e-mail to teensandads@gmail.com.

Keynotes speakers announced

We are glad to announce our keynote speakers:

  • Dr. Pilar Lacasa (University of Alcalá, Spain).
  • Dr. Esther Rozendaal (Radboud University, The Netherlands).
  • Dr. Eva van Reijmersdal (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands).
  • Dr. María Esther del Moral (University of Oviedo, Spain).
  • Ms. Rebeca Sáez (Ómnicom Media Group Madrid, Spain).

We will send further information about their lectures.

Organization Committee.